12 Controllable Biomarkers

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12 Controllable Biomarkers of Aging

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In the Biomarkers we will cover exciting and important subject matter that is part of the lifestyle program.

The Fit, Fun & Fabulous program emphasizes how lifestyle habits can make you sick, explains what makes your body age and how you can, in fact, decelerate that aging process.

How is this possible?

The steps for doing so are based around 12 Biomarkers of Aging that have been identified by scientists at Tufts University. The very exciting news is that all 12 of these indicators can be positively influenced by areas that are within your control: nutrition, exercise, stress management, targeted nutrients and quality rest.

Learn the biomarkers of aging

and use these to stop the accelerated aging process.

Briefly, the 12 biomarkers are:

  1. Body cell mass (the lean muscle composition of your body)
  2. Strength (your musculoskeletal fitness)

  3. Basal metabolic rate
Body fat composition
  5. Body fat distribution
  6. Aerobic capacity
  7. Blood sugar tolerance

  8. Level of cholesterol / HDL ratio
  9. Blood pressure
  10. Internal temperature regulation
  11. Bone mineral density

  12. Resting heart rate

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Receive 12 Biomarkers of Aging audio recordings from the Fit Fun & Fabulous Program

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Learn how to reverse the controllable indicators of aging

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Chronic Inflammation is Involved in Most of Our Disease Processes

The Fit Fun and Fabulous Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle approach is a clinically proven and scientifically based lifestyle approach to slow (and at times reverse) the accelerated aging process, saving our children and ourselves from the debilitating diseases traditionally associated with aging such as obesity/sarcopenia, diabetes and heart disease.

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