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The Biological Rejuvenation Program that you are about to undertake will change the biological aspect of your body called “functional physiology.” My experience with patients has shown me that changing your biology can create a shift in your entire life— physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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You are not a compartmentalized machine; you are a whole being whose parts are interrelated and adapting to each other every second of every day. When you think a thought, you change your body’s chemistry via neuropeptides, which give information to your cells, tissues and organs. We have all experienced a difference in our physical bodies when the information we tell ourselves is “I feel happy, fit and accomplished” versus “I feel sad, sluggish and undervalued.” Everything you say, eat, do or are is received as information in your body. Your body responds to the information it is given, and that data comes in the forms of: the food you eat, the thoughts you think, the water you drink, the exercise you choose to participate in, and more. Knowing this is dynamic and exciting, because it puts the power of your life experiences—physically, spiritually and emotion- ally—directly in your hands!

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12 Biomarkers of Aging audio recordings and PDF's from the Fit Fun & Fabulous Program

Learn how to reverse the controllable indicators of aging

Learn the 7 Health Enhancers and Health Diminishers and Get tools to support blood sugar and manage inflammation

10 Downloadable chapters and audio summaries Of the Fit Fun & Fabulous Book

Glycemic index to help support blood sugar and manage inflammation

You personal agreement to yourself to enjoy the process!

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